Sofa lamb ( core plus cover & pillows )

1000 Coming Soon

*Made to order*
waiting about 4-12 weeks + shipping time
about 1000 Zl plus shipping costs
set ; core of the sofa, cover, two partitions, rollers, one rectangular cushion

The sofa is an original project.
!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Because of the huge number of orders. The waiting period for orders is about 10-15 weeks.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please remember that the sofas are made by hand. And I do every every one carefully and perfectly. We care about quality ..!
If you copy my product, we will meet in court.
I stock products designed exclusively by ME for my shop ISKIERECZKA MRUGA, ALL MY DESIGNS ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED, we live i times when copyrights matter and there are ways to pursue this right, i fought for protection of my design 3 times already, with Chinese, Polish and Spanish, i don't fear going to the court in that matter